As we all know our safety & our well being is ALWAYS FIRST, & should be taken seriously on both ends. Therefore we try to be as discrete as possible, but of course we all want to know what we are getting ourselves into & what to expect and not expect. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before contacting/scheduling. 

  • Location, I normally prefer if you host a location for our date/arrangement, but with that said I will not come to unsafe, sketchy areas, or areas with a high crime rate.
  • Hygiene , If your hyiene is not to expectations there will be no "down time"
  • XRated talk, I prefer to keep converations clean and as professional as possible
  • Respect, Zero tolerance to being disrespect, being rude will get you no where
  • Any donations should be set aside in envelop, I will not take any exchange through hand to hand contact
  • Proper Communication, I cannot stress this enough. When communicating with me please speak with discretion and not use incrimination words or phrases.